October 6, 2022

Vicki contributes to global masterplanning workshop

EducateCo managing director Vicki Waters joined an international team of educational and architectural innovators to facilitate the Tomorrow’s Environments for Learning Conference hosted in Sydney on 28-30 October by AIS NSW.

Vicki found it immensely rewarding to work with Boston-based David Stephen of New Vista Design and his team during the 3-day school design workshop which is modelled on an existing program conducted by the Harvard Graduate Schools of Education and Design.

The workshops were attended by project teams from twelve New South Wales schools who were at various stages of planning or implementation with their own school masterplans.

The purpose of the workshops was to create an awareness of how modern school design features can meet the needs of current and emerging school pedagogy.

At EducateCo, school masterplanning is a key activity of our business. We work with a range of inspiring architects to help school communities creatively bridge the link between design and use as they create their campuses of the future.