Study camps and tours

Study camps and tours for Australian and international students and teachers

We’ve developed a highly experienced team of educators to introduce a range of exciting and innovative student programs to be held in Australia for overseas and Australian students.

In many parts of the world, school vacation periods are widely used by students and their families to enhance academic prowess, develop co-curricular skills or learn new languages, often at camps in settings that also allow for recreational and cultural pursuits.

Now, the same opportunities are available in Australia.

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Students will be able to choose from vacation programs that include HSC preparation, spoken English development, music and drama modules and skills development in a range of sports.

All programs will be taught by the very best teachers and instructors, and all camps will have a healthy balance of work and play.

Students will stay at some of Australia’s leading schools. And overseas students will have the chance to visit our most interesting locations and enjoy the best the Australian lifestyle has to offer.

We are also working on professional development and exchange opportunities for foreign teachers to learn from the high level of educational expertise available in Australia.

Our student programs commence in 2020 and more details will be available soon.


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