The Principal’s Concierge

A school principal’s role has never been so complex nor demanding.

After more than twenty years as principal in leading Australian schools, Vicki Waters recognises the profound expansion that has occurred in the principal’s role.

Long gone are the days when a school leader’s primary concern could be students, classrooms and teachers.

Now it’s a deluge of competing demands…

  • vision
  • strategy
  • leadership development
  • master planning
  • governance
  • compliance
  • risk management
  • performance management
  • gender issues
  • bullying
  • combative parents
  • marketing

…the list goes on.

To have the time to properly attend to these issues is a near-impossible task for the modern principal (and that’s to say nothing of whether the principal has had the opportunity, time or resources to develop the expertise to deal successfully with the issues).

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Vicki has developed the Principal’s Concierge service to support principals because she recognises their struggle to flourish in this environment.

Vicki is available for principals to use her experience and expertise to help them through the demanding times when another professional pair of hands can make all the difference.

The Principal’s Concierge supplies every type of assistance principals are likely to need:

Coaching and mentoring
Strategy and masterplanning
Communications collateral
Performance measurement
Operational review and improvement
Leadership development
Policy development and risk management

Plug into Vicki’s network of professional support services and contacts

Everything you’re likely to need to fulfil your principal role can be accessed through the Principal’s Concierge support service:

  • Where do you go for good legal advice?
  • How do you recruit successfully?
  • Where can you get good HR support?
  • How can you develop an outstanding staff development program?
  • Do you need help with speech writing?

When you use the Principal’s Concierge service, you tap into this wide world of expertise and experience—and remember, like any good concierge, Vicki’s service is very discreet.

It’s exactly the kind of service Vicki wishes she had when she was a principal.

** Read our information brochure for principals here.


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