Developing new schools in Australia

Our vision is to be the leader in developing the next generation of premium schools.

There are exceptional schools in Australia and around the world.

But a lifetime of experience in education and business convinces our team there is significant potential to do things better.

We asked a lot of ‘what if’ questions about how schooling operates in Australia, delving into areas like:

  • the reliance of independent schools on government funding
  • the return on investment from school infrastructure
  • how well schools are integrated into their local communities
  • governance models
  • school staffing models
  • the implications of globalisation and curriculum models.

We’ve come up with some interesting possibilities.

If you’re a school principal or board member and you’d like to consider expanding your brand with additional campuses, we’d love to discuss possibilities with you.

There’s a huge need for new schools in most Australian capital cities. We are liaising with developers and planning authorities and may be able to propose new school sites for you.

We have the expertise to design, build and manage and operate your school for you.


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If you’re an equity investor or independent party interested in educational opportunities, contact us to learn more about new opportunities.